Lightning Protection

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Be Sure You Are Protected

A lightning strike to an insufficiently grounded antenna array can cause Data Loss, Equipment Loss and even Fire. To protect the investment equipment loss, Motorola has developed “Quality Standards for Fixed Network Equipment Installations”, also known as R56.
As a certified R56 Platinum Dealer, Red Cloud has applied these standards to pre-build grounding solutions for all RF and GPS antenna systems.
The Red Cloud Grounding Solution is installed on some of the largest data centers in the world. Reliability, quality and consistency were customer requirements all met by Red Cloud’s solution.
Be certain to order the Red Cloud Grounding Solution for you next project. Saving time, money and your reputation.
  • Data Design Center

    Designing a Data Center requires a vast amount of complex technical knowledge about power supplies, cooling, water resources, geology and technology. Included in design considerations are Safety, Security and Protection. Read More
  • Healthcare Facility Designer

    Healthcare Facility Designer Communication is key in life threatening situations. While you do everything you can to design a facility with safety the key concern, the threat of lightening strike to the communications system of your Healthcare Facility is ever present. Read More
  • Electrical Contractor

    Electrical Contractor Designing and installing an RF, GPs or Satellite antenna grounding solution seems simple enough. But RF is not the same as DC. The typical grounding system for the structure may be actually ungrounding the RF, GPS or Satellite antenna system on the roof. Specifying, procuring and assembling a standard JB on the roof is not enough. Read More
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  • Global Data Center Lightning Losses up 15%.*
    • Lightning strikes cause $55B damage annually.*
      • Google Data Center suffers permanent data loss due to lightning strike.**

        • Designed to withstand the harshest environments the Stainless Steel NEMA4 enclosure protects the patented lighting arrestors with pre-wired grounding straps. The 36”x36”x12” cabinet allows for 7/8” hardline sweep radius with room for power to the box and 3/8” LMR 400 #RC363612SS-5.
        • Aluminum offers light weight and great strength. For installations that don’t require a 40 year lifespan of Stainless, the Aluminum version allows for a lower cost solutions without sacrificing protection. #RC282808AU-5.
        • Share streaming video and other multimedia between communications centers, first responders or any other personnel.
        • Mild Metal offers to lowest cost enclosure while still delivering consistent lightening protection. For small data centers or buildings with Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems the #RCMM242408MM –3 is a perfect solution.
        • Custom solutions available—call for consultation.

        * Insurance information Institute ** BBC News (Aug 19, 2015)


  • NEMA 4 Enclosures
  • Stainless Steel - Aluminum - Mild Metal


  • Lightning Protectors for 5, 7 & 9 Antennas
  • Cable Sizes LMR 400—1200 (3/8” to 7/8”)


  • Multiple Grounding Bars
  • Worldwide Shipping

Our Focus:

  • Certified Motorola R56 compliant
  • NEM4 and UL tested components


  • Cost Effective
  • Consistent


  • Reliable


Lightning Supression Case Study:

Problem: Lightning Strike at Microsoft and Amazon Data Centers; When Microsoft and Amazon data centers in Dublin, IRE Cloud Services was disrupted by a lightning strike in 2011, data center designers took notice. A global internet company had visited their sites all over the world and not one had a proper grounding solution in place for the RF, GPS and Satellite antennas on their data centers. The client approached Red Cloud with the need for a uniform grounding solution for their facilities that would provide lightning protection for RF and GPS systems. It had to be durable, reliable and easy to install by contractors all over the world. Where language might be an issue, simple step by step installation diagrams were a must.

Red Cloud Solution: As a Motorola R56 Certified company, Red Cloud was able to collaborate with this industry leader and within a few short weeks have a global standard built ready for deployment. This grounding solution addressed the key concern expressed by the client and met Motorola’s stringent requirements for grounding to R56 standards.

Results: This international corporation has been so impressed with the products and the services provided by Red Cloud that they have allowed us to provide the same grounding protections to our clients to meet the need for consistent, standardized grounding solution for antenna arrays.

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