Two Way Radio

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Connect, Control, Communicate

Stay connected when seconds count, using technologies designed to keep you in touch. Motorola's two-way radios and accessories reliably connect command centers and first responders, employees in the office or off-site, and resources wherever they roam.
Explore the full suite of powerful public safety radios, business and personal radios and accessories.
We specialize in custom communications solutions for your business or organization.
We have been recognized as the highest level of Motorola Solutions Channel Partner and with the MotoStar award for partner excellence.


Custom communications solutions for your business or organization:

  • Digital Handheld Radios
  • Mobile Radios
  • Control Stations
  • Repeaters
  • Dispatch Centers
  • Batteries and Charging Solutions
  • Audio Accessories & Bluetooth
  • Radio Frequency Programming
  • Radio Call Boxes


Two Way Radio Case Study:

Problem: A local retail store, part of a national chain, had been experiencing unsatisfactory two-way radio communications. The customer had purchased their two-way radios from a large electronics retailer. The low-end radios they purchased were designed for recreational use and utilized unlicensed Family Radio Service (FRS) frequencies. Because the radios were low-powered the customer experienced very weak coverage with static and poor audio quality. Because the frequencies were unlicensed they experienced interference from other radios outside of their organization. Further compounding their issues, because they had purchased their equipment from a retailer, they had no qualified representation to consult about their problems.

Red Cloud Solution: Red Cloud was able to provide a simple and low-cost radio system that employed commercial grade Motorola radios that are both small and light, with frequencies licensed by the FCC. Top quality audio accessories were added to enable employees to hold their radio conversations without disturbing their customers.

Results: This national retailer has been so satisfied with the products and the services provided by Red Cloud that they have implemented this same system at their other stores around the United States.

Motorola Radio Solutions:

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Two Way Radio Trucking


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